About RRA

RRA aims to preserve and enhance the unique character of Roedean and The Cliff residential neighbourhoods in the city of Brighton and Hove.   


For the community e.g. undesirable development, parking and traffic.


E.g. RRA’s campaign against development of the pitch & putt


With households, local business and others on key local issues.


The local Council and others to consider RRA’s best interests.


The area e.g. street cleaning, pavements,  signage & lighting


Our National Park boundary, wildlife and character of the area.


For the community e.g. undesirable development, tree protection and traffic


E.g. timely news via our website & newsletters

The RRA committee meets at least four times a year.   If there are any issues you would like us to focus on or if you would like to join the committee please get in touch through our contacts page here

To become a member of Roedean Residents Association please follow this link