Roedean School

Roedean school has been a member of

Roedean Residents Association since 2014 and

we are delighted that Richard Poffley,

Director of Finance and Administration at the

school is a member of the committee.



Like RRA, the school is passionate about maintaining and enhancing the unique character of our shared neighbourhood and working together has already been very productive.

In 2015 we worked together with the council to install a height barrier at Roedean bottom car park – this has been critical in helping to stop over night sleepers parking here. RRA looks forward to continuing our close relationship with the school and working together on projects of mutual interest and benefit to our shared neighbourhood.

Roedean Residents have been invited to visit the school over the last few years for events ranging from school plays and drinks receptions, and residents are also offered the opportunity to tour the facilities.  If local residents would like to contact the school please e-mail